Venkat Talks Content & AI At Confluence Summit 2017!

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, News

You want star power? You want onstage electricity? You want Confluence Summit 2017, in other words. Especially since the real star of the show, we think, will be our own Venkat Nagaswamy, talking about the intersection of AI and content storytelling.

The Summit, held this upcoming October 27th in Menlo Park, CA, addresses the intersection of entertainment, content and technology, a confluence with huge potential effects on the nature of storytelling.

That’s why folks like director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, The Evil Dead, Oz The Great And Powerful and one of our cult faves, Darkman), producer and online TV pioneer Tosca Musk, Oscar-winning SFX guru John Knoll (who’s currently Chief Creative Officer at Industrial Light & Magic), producer Don Hahn (of the animated classics The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast) will be just some of the Hollywood and New Media luminaries on deck.

Discussing AI and Content

Venkat will take the stage with Nadira Azermai, CEO and founder of ScriptBook, in a session moderated by Richard Lui of NBC and MSNBC News. The topic? The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Content Analysis and Automation.

ScriptBook is an artificial intelligence platform that does screenplay analysis and forecasts the commercial and critical success of film and television projects from development to release.

So, we’re sure Ms. Azermai and Venkat will have plenty to talk about regarding how AI will impact content and telling stories – brand, entertainment or otherwise.

So if you’re able, register and be sure to catch Venkat’s session! The only way it could get better? If they added another certain guest speaker, based on the program description about how the session willl give us “a sneak peek into what’s ahead in the ultimate battle between humans vs. machines.” 



Then again…maybe that’d be, um, overkill.

Check out Confluence Summit 2017!