All bets are off! Your 7 best reasons to hit SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit

by | May 11, 2017 | How To, News, Strategy

1 • See the MarianaIQ + Zendesk main stage karaoke duet!

That’s right! Watch as our own Venkat Nagaswamy and Vijay Mani of Zendesk leap onto the stage to belt out a boffo selection of standards from…what?  They’re not doing a karaoke duet..?

Sorry, our mistake.

2 • Attend the “Magic Bullet of Marketing” case study presentation

This is actually way more interesting: Vijay Mani will be explaining, along with Venkat, how partnering with MarianaIQ transformed his lead generation and engagement efforts into what he foresees as the future model for ad buying and prospect conversion.

That karaoke thing? Just wishful thinking on our part. But we can hope!


3 •  You can finally wear that green tie

Remember? The one your aunt from Platteville gave you three Christmases ago? Don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about. It’s still there, isn’t it, ashamedly buried in the back of your sock drawer?  But even if you refuse to acknowledge its existence, you’ll still be able to get into the Green Tie Gala, this year featuring a performance by Counting Crows.

Counting Crows! Maybe they’ll sing “Big Yellow Taxi” or “Perfect Blue Buildings.” But nothing about “Missing Green Tie.” Probably.


4 • Bet the farm! Uh, the company…

Join us at the tables as our own Abhi Kashyap puts it all on the line, wagering the entire MarianaIQ operation and IP in a final, tension-filled staredown hand of Hold’Em against a mysterious yet oddly familiar poker shark known only as “Madame Mihi.”

Umm…no, just found out that’s not going to happen either. Too bad, really.

5 • Enjoy Plinko for Prizes at Booth 237!

Actually, no. But if you do swing by our booth, we’ll be happy to see you, and walk you through all the reasons why using Deep Learning for ABM is how B2B marketers are really going to hit the jackpot draw four aces roll lucky seven transform their results in terms of quality leads and ROI.

There’s such a thing as “maximum Vegas”…and we’ve hit it when it comes to wordplay.


6 • To discover that our leadership team moonlights as Elvis impersonators

Shhhh! Nobody is really supposed to know.

7 • Rhett Price! Rhett Price!

Who couldn’t use themselves some Rhett Price? Who the heck is Rhett Price, you wonder? He’s providing the entertainment at  The Titanium Celebration at the Brooklyn Bowl, come Thursday evening. Food, drinks, bowling and electric violin: What genius came up with this? Seriously. I need to get me one of them violins!