Our Customers Are Marketing Sherpas

Marketers are always running and gunning. Agencies and automation systems demand more time. Results aren’t meeting goal. But the following companies somehow, and amazingly, had time to look up. They saw how we could simplify their lives, and do the complex with simple decisions. We know the importance of what you do. Hooray to your new ROI, yield, and CPC hallelujahs!

Meet Our Customers, They’re Awesome.

“Mariana’s personas are a game changer. We have a large number of names in our marketing database but are limited as we had only titles which did not properly reflect personas,” said Krishnan Natarajan. Sr. Director, Demand Generation, WhiteHat Security. “With Mariana we can classify these leads into specific personas and then run personalized campaigns that we never could do before. This is a must-have for all B2B marketing professionals looking to ensure they provide relevant and appropriate information to the right contacts.”
“There are other platforms that purport to do ABM. But they are mostly reporting and really not that useful. Mariana is the only platform that allows me to generate leads for a target account list,” said Kevin White, Director of Marketing Ops for MemSQL, the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics. “Mariana lets me do this without me having to worry about audiences and the like.”

Be Part Of The Conversation

Hear what Mariana’s customers are saying about the strength of our platform. (Don’t worry, the videos are short.)

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