How Mariana Zigs While Others Zag

We reverse the way marketing is done. Find the right people first. Find the right marketing second. To do that, there are three things we get up every day and do differently, all fueled by deep learning. Here’s the question: if you could market 1-to-1, if you could have ideal account based marketing, what are the top three capabilities you’d need? We believe it starts with deep learning.

Deep Learning x 3

A Marketing Brain That Thinks 24/7

Mariana Deep Learning

Mariana can match social, web and proprietary data regardless of source or vertical — in real-time — so you and your leads get more personal by the minute.

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Mariana Deep Learning means the unstructured data from various sources from any product and industry all of sudden have greater value than their sum. The great thing about Mariana Deep Learning? It loves to work, and the more it does, the brainier it gets.

Real People. Real-time 360°

Mariana Personas

We want you to be known for knowing people. With Mariana Personas you will.

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You’ll learn you have 11 types of customers with 12 distinct high level interests, led by health care, technology, and the NFL, with differentials as great as 18 percentage points, but with variations based on channel and time of day and calendar.

We ask 50 thousand different questions on topics like that every day. We answer them using the real-time social and web data about each individual. Then our deep learning recreates the persona. It does that as many times a day as needed, so you get the most accurate personas of your best customers.

Our personas also show that your instincts are right most of the time. Now you can quantify that. And when you’re not right? That’s where Mariana Personas fill the gap, reducing bad prospects and wasted cash flows, and finding the right prospects that convert. In addition, Mariana uses personas to identify who are NOT your ideal leads. That means you can clean lead lists in the funnel. You spam less. And 20-75% of automation costs disappear.

Personalized Content Marketing, Omnichannel, and Automated

Mariana Contextual Automation

Many agency and automation solutions ask you to think for them.  You have to either input a hundred variables or personally make decisions at key junctures instead of the agency or automation solution doing it for you. They handle the easy stuff, you handle the time-consuming stuff. Mariana changes that.

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Its deep learning means it does the tough thinking. You give it the strategy.  The result is customized messaging and content on a one-to-one basis.  Omnichannel interaction that is seamless, a harmony of different content based on channel and timing.  Mariana take the latest, sophisticated B2B marketing and makes it simple.