How MarianaIQ Zigs While Others Zag

We reverse the way marketing is done. Find the right people first. Find the right channel second. To do that, there are three things we get up every day and do differently, all fueled by deep learning. Here’s the question: if you could market 1-to-1, if you could have ideal account based marketing, what are the top three capabilities you’d need? We believe it starts with deep learning.

Deep Learning x 3

A Marketing Brain That Thinks 24/7

MarianaIQ Deep Learning

MarianaIQ lets you identify your best customers and prospects at both account and individual level, making personalized, at-scale ABM a reality.

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Our AI approach incorporates data from 100MM B2B prospect profiles and external sources like Facebook, Twitter, and jobsites, among others – up to 5TB of data in all. By analyzing data from multiple sources, we overcome limitations of single-data-point leads which are static, lack insight, and even misidentify prospects.


The great thing about MarianaIQ Deep Learning? It loves to work, and the more it does, the brainier it gets.

Real People. Real-time 360°

MarianaIQ Personas

We want you to be known for knowing people. With Mariana Personas, you will.

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 Our AI approach generates specific personas at the individual (not just account) level – true 360 degree personas automatically updated in real-time. These provide up-to-the-minute predictive, actionable insights for precisely engaging your best prospects.

Our personas show that your instincts are right most of the time. Now you can quantify that. And when you’re not right? That’s where we fill the gap, reducing bad prospects and wasted cash flows, and finding the right prospects that convert. In addition, MarianaIQ uses personas to identify who are NOT your ideal leads. You can clean lead lists in the funnel. – and that means you spam less. 

Personalized, Automated, Content Marketing

Mariana Contextual Automation

Many agency and automation solutions ask you to think for them. They handle the easy stuff, you handle the time-consuming stuff. MarianaIQ changes that.

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Once we pinpoint high-value prospects, we use lookalike modeling to find their preferred channels and behavior on the social web. Marketers are able to leverage the channels that are optimal for engagement and nurturing. The result is real one-to-one engagement — content personalized to each prospect, customized according to channel. MarianaIQ takes the latest, sophisticated B2B marketing and makes it simple.