Ebook: Defining Deep Learning And How It Applies to Marketing

by | Aug 8, 2017 | ABM, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Technology

It’s finally here! The culmination of our Deep Learning blogs, we’re very proud to announce our new ebook, Defining Deep Learning And How It Applies to Marketing.

It’s a little longer than our usual guides, but this ebook answers everything that you’ve been asking about deep learning – as well as some things you haven’t thought to ask just yet, but you’ll be oh so pleased we answered them anyway!

So, what’s inside? We don’t want to give it all away, but we cover:

  • What Deep Learning is – we’re giving you way more detail than the usual “class of artificial intelligence” answer
  • What problems it solves – from face recognition issues to account based marketing
  • Its application to marketing – persona creation, topic modeling, granularity
  • Understanding text deeply and how it powers ABM at scale (titles don’t mean s***, so let’s go deeper with our Seq2BoW model)
  • Building better account models

This is deeper than we’ve ever gone before. Download the ebook and dive in with us today!