Ocean’s 11 (and beyond…)

No casino heists here, just a sea of answers to your top 11 FAQs (plus a few more for good measure)

Why are you called Mariana?
We named ourselves after the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on earth. Reaching nearly seven miles below sea level, it’s a place only one person has ventured to go solo. Here at Mariana the company, we want to make you the second. The deep diving we do is into data and deep learning so we can reach the market of one. And that’s another reason we called ourself Mariana. It’s the name of one person.
Who is the Mariana team?
Our dive team is made up of polymaths in the making. They’ve lived B2B marketing, machine learning, deep learning, SaaS, big data, and large scale computing for a lot of years. But they’re also musicians, F-18 designers, athletes, and hip-hop dancers. Favorite foods this month: Schmoylent and fried viper fish.
What problem is Mariana trying to solve?
If you’re only converting 5 percent of your prospects, you’re not engaging the right people at the right time with the right content. The marketing funnel is broken. Mariana fixes it.
What is Mariana building?
For over two years, we’ve been building a deep learning engine. What goes into it: Massive amounts of proprietary information from your company, social, big data, and more. What comes out of it: smart real-time data that enables true omnichannel automation. Our single goal in building the backend and frontend of this engine is to understand people as individuals.
Who is Mariana for?
We’re for every B2B marketer who is frustrated with low prospect conversion despite using all the latest tools. That can mean marketing automation or the best agencies. But you still feel like a spammer, desperate for better ROI. We’re built for hungry marketers from Fortune 1000 to Silicon Valley 100 to NGOs to the business next door.
Do we have to have marketing automation to work with Mariana?
We’re huge fans of our partners in the automation space. When it comes to sales and marketing automation segments, we want to be that third leg to drive omnichannel automation forward. As a result our backend can plug into any automation platform. But we also can do just as well with data files you hand to us over coffee or ftp. Either way, we’ll get you the right person, right content, and the right time.
Do you have active customers?

Yes. And we’ve gotten to know them pretty well over the last couple of years. What’s great is that they keep wanting more of what we’re doing, asking for product sets we had planned for later so they can get results now. To be honest, that interest kind of surprised us (but we’ll take it). So of course we want you to meet them because they’ll give you the truth about our technology. Hear from our customers directly at https://www.marianaiq.com/customers/. Or, send us a note at legal@marianaiq.com and we’ll make a direct connection.

What kind of results are your customers getting?

Our customers are awesome. And they think we’re awesome too. Here’s what a few of them are saying:

“Mariana’s personas are a game changer. We have a large number of names in our marketing database but are limited as we had only titles which did not properly reflect personas,” said Krishnan Natarajan. Sr. Director, Demand Generation, WhiteHat Security. “With Mariana we can classify these leads into specific personas and then run personalized campaigns that we never could do before. This is a must-have for all B2B marketing professionals looking to ensure they provide relevant and appropriate information to the right contacts.”

“There are other platforms that purport to do ABM. But they are mostly reporting and really not that useful. Mariana is the only platform that allows me to generate leads for a target account list,” said Kevin White, Director of Marketing Ops for MemSQL, the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics. “Mariana lets me do this without me having to worry about audiences and the like.”

And that’s just the start. Hear more at: https://www.marianaiq.com/customers/

What is deep learning?

It’s the closest thing to a brain right now. It’s also the newest form of artificial intelligence being widely used, only seriously applied for a handful of years now. If you were to draw this deep learning brain, this is what it what it might look like:

Deep Learning Brain

Exciting right? Stay with us, though, because you asked… These are the characteristics of deep learning neural networks and how they enable Mariana to do better marketing:

  • Unsupervised learning: It happens in seconds, not weeks (like brains) for real-time personas and content
  • Parallelism: Mariana can process more external and internal data (big, social, proprietary) than others
  • Hierarchical & Pyramidal: Mariana yields most accurate, brain-like associations from data
  • Multi-layered: Mariana can derive more data value than others because it categorizes, sorts, and prioritizes data levels
  • Associations Learning: Mariana creates Semantic Fingerprints to raise prospect lookalike accuracy (Baidu NLP saw a 30 percent bump) and outcomes with limited data (Facebook can ID from one-fifth of a face)
Why deep learning?
Data alone has no value in marketing. Without the tools to analyze information at scale, your Data Management Platform (DMP) becomes a jumbled mess of disjointed data sets and repeat entries. Deep learning untangles it. Most importantly, deep learning enables us to do what great marketing brains do, but automatically. In a one-to-one conversation you have across a table or at a trade event, you listen and learn, and tailor your message to each customer. Mariana Deep Learning does that same listening, learning, and tailoring. We listen by taking in terabytes of social, proprietary, and big data. We learn by crunching it hundreds of thousands of times a day. We tailor by giving you the right person, the right content, and the right time. And yes, this will change marketing.
How are you different from the competition?
There are three main categories in the prospect space. First there is Data, solutions in this space focus on lead information. The second category is Analysis most often related to lead scoring. And the third is Execution where solutions focus on ad placement and related services. The challenge is trying to configure these three services at the right time as a prospect makes its way through the funnel. Mariana Personas equipped with deep learning glide from Data, Analysis, and Execution when needed real-time. Until converted. That’s automation.
Why omnichannel automation? How is it different from multichannel?
Look no further than the prefix. “Multi” is derived from the Latin word for “many.” “Omni” comes from the word for “all.” While multichannel automation is as limited as its name, omnichannel creates a truly comprehensive, universal experience—a full-picture view that allows you to meet your customers everywhere they are with anything they need.
How long has Mariana been around? When did it start?
It was a summer day at an Upper West Side bistro in Manhattan. The food was nondescript. But the conversation three old friends from Ross School of Business were having about the 2012 election was anything but. CEO Venkat Nagaswamy was interested in the algorithms the Obama campaign was using to model and message swing voters real-time. He cogitated for a couple years. Then in 2013, he formalized the idea of omnichannel automation to reach markets of one. He and his co-founders, Abhishek Kashyap and Soumyadeb Mitra, hung their shingle in Palo Alto that same year.
What’s Mariana’s view on corporate citizenship?
Much of our team’s view on corporate citizenship comes from our CEO’s MBA experience at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. It was there that Venkat and C.K. Prahalad became close and kindred spirits. The main thrust of Prahalad’s research and thinking at that time was engaging the bottom of the economic pyramid. That philosophy of not only giving back but also being part of the solution to help communities is why Mariana has started its pro bono work so early in its own development. Currently Mariana is using its technology to help Plan International USA raise resources for its Because I Am a Girl campaign (the NGO is in 70 countries and has a turnover close to one billion dollars a year). Mariana is also helping to fight human trafficking alongside Not For Sale, considering the idea of finding the segment of one–one pimp, that is, at a time–to help stop the sale of humans internationally. Mariana’s other pro bono program involves gender equality with the world’s largest international league of nations, to be announced in Q1, 2016.
How can I learn more about Mariana?
We’re happy to sit and chat, demo what we do, put you in touch with a customer or two—whatever you want to do next. Just click on Learn More or drop us a line at legal@marianaiq.com