New Best Practices Guide: Adwords for B2B

by | Sep 28, 2017 | How To, Social Marketing, Strategy

It’s finally here, and it was worth the wait.

We’ve said this before; with the sheer volume of searches per day, Google needs to be on any B2B marketer’s radar. But we know it can get overwhelming; nobody wants to waste ad spend, and the stats show that the likelihood is pretty high that you could fall into that trap.

That’s why we decided it was high time that we come up with a best practices guide for Adwords. If you’ve been wondering how to optimize Adwords for B2B, we’ve got you covered – everything from the fundamentals of how Google Adwords works, to landing page tips and persona-based targeting. It’s time to master Adwords and make it work for your marketing team!

Download the guide today!