A Quick Tips List for Making Your First ABM Hire

by | Aug 22, 2017 | ABM, Deep Learning, How To, News

If you’ve committed to account-based marketing (ABM), then you may be looking at hiring a dedicated marketing staffer to manage and/or implement your ABM programs. Right?

Here are a few quick tips about how you may want to structure the role you want that individual to play in your organization, and the qualities and qualifications to search for in making the right hire.

Give them an ‘offset’ position

Whether you’re hiring at the director level or below, it might be right to put the ABM role outside of your traditional sales and marketing teams. ABM isn’t conventional marketing, and applying established expectations, workflows and philosophies to it can compromise what you’re trying to accomplish with it. Give your first ABM hire a clearly-defined job that aligns with those other teams and their goals, but empowers them with enough latitude to implement ABM on its own. That’s especially important at the onset when it may be an experimental venture for your organization.

Provide your first ABM hire with a clearly-defined job that aligns with those other teams and their goals, but empower that new hire with enough latitude to implement ABM without too many internal hurdles. They may need to first test it as a standalone program, so giving them rein is useful. That’s especially important at the onset when ABM may be an experimental venture for your organization, and it needs to prove its value to the rest of the enterprise.

Works well with others

That said, if ABM is new to your selling culture, then it’s important that your new hire be able to team up with others and not only educate them about ABM. He or she also must take pains to have any ABM initiative work in sync with other people’s marketing and sales objectives, as necessary. This person should also have a good handle on vendor management, able to work seamlessly with your marketing automation or database providers, among others.

Experience preferred

To make sure your new hire knows what ABM is and what it isn’t, it’s good for her or him to have had experience in digital B2B marketing already. Expertise in inbound automation platforms and CRM will be a plus, and the ability to manage prospect data. Knowledge of how to monitor, audit and optimize channels for maximum performance? That’s a given. It also means this person needs to have broad acquaintance with multiple channels and tools, including social media, AdWords and more.

Analytical but demand-gen driven

The person you hire should have an analytical mindset that’s aimed squarely at getting demand gen results from ABM implementation. It’s not about branding or awareness, but reaping immediate returns on your investment in ABM (and this person).

Thinks big, works small

As in, your first ABM hire must think strategically in terms of overall goals and objectives but must also roll up their sleeves and sweat all the small stuff that’ll be essential to solid ABM implementation. As a first hire in ABM, this person will need to be comfortable mapping Buying Groups and setting program goals, but also overseeing the minute technical and optimization details necessary to make a campaign run smoothly.


You may have a very constrained budget for ABM, at least at first, so your first hire should have the budgetary discipline to extract maximum results from minimum resources. The interesting thing? AI-powered ABM can actually deliver superior results with smaller spends, so having fiscal constraints doesn’t have to hamstring your campaigns: it just means being smarter about how you’re using the money, and what tools get the biggest bang for the buck.

Versatile and flexible

This guy at right? Perfect! Because whoever you bring on will have a lot on their plate, and will (if he or she is good) want to add even more. So the ability to manage many different facets of a program and bounce agilely from task to task is crucial.