Guess Who’s “The Magic Bullet of Marketing” for Zendesk?

Zendesk Report


Learn how MarianaIQ and Zendesk partnered to…

  • How Zendesk increased lead volume fourfold using MarianaIQ, while improving the quality of leads.
  • How Zendesk can achieve 50% penetration of a list of 100K leads in three days, thanks to our sophisticated social targeting.
  • How deploying MarianaIQ changed the way Zendesk invests its marketing dollars, thanks to the newfound efficiencies it delivered.
  • How Zendesk can now lead prospects through the entire buyer’s journey using AI-targeted advertising alone – “a breakthrough advantage”.

"I'm dead-on convinced this is how companies will be spending their ad dollars five years into the future."

Paul Godfrey
Director of Lead Generation