Social Media Evolution: AI, Facebook, and Mobile Optimization

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, How To, Social Marketing

We stumbled upon this article the other day, The Evolution of Social Media and What It Means to B2B Marketers, in the New Breed Blog. It echoes a lot of our thoughts on social media but also made a few key points that we haven’t touched on yet.

We’ve said time and again that it’s crucial to create content that’s tailored to your buyer personas. We tend to focus on how artificial intelligence plays into persona creation to give you a serious advantage in B2B marketing. And we must admit, we love highlighting the results – better quality leads, lower CPCs… you know what we say, basically you’re an ABM rockstar.

As Amanda Nielsen points out, though, AI is changing the game in more ways than one. The part that we’re guilty of not pointing out is how AI is changing the way users are served content on social platforms.

What does that mean? Instead of organic updates, your buyer personas are being shown the updates that AI understands to be of interest to them. The fundamental point of this is the same; that now more than ever, you need to have great content that really appeals to your specific buyer personas. Because, well, that’s the only way AI is going to serve it to your audience.

And nobody wants to spend all that time making great content that doesn’t reach the right people. Make sure you’re using your time wisely but keeping your audience in mind while creating content, and then throw in some really targeted personas to see your lead generation volume and quality skyrocket.

The other point Amanda touched on that we really liked was the Facebook lead ads that auto-fill forms based on the user’s Facebook profile. We’re big fans of using Facebook for B2B marketing here, and this feature makes the entire experience far more painless for the person seeing your ad.

This could be something that most social media platforms offer soon, since a significant number of users don’t convert because they simply don’t want to fill out a form.

Check out this great article by Crazyegg for more on form optimization; it’s something we play with often on our own website too!

These Lead Ads are also great for mobile, and that’s becoming increasingly important as social media evolves. At MarianaIQ, we constantly optimize for mobile – both when serving ads over social media as well as our overall website.