Upcoming Webinar: How to Craft an Account-Based Paid Media Budget

by | Aug 24, 2017 | ABM, How To, News, Strategy

It’s that time of year again, B2B marketers!

No, we aren’t close to the holidays just yet, but it is time to begin planning your budgets for next year. As ABM is taking the B2B world by storm, it’s challenging to work out where your dollars will reap in the best ROI. Factors to take into account include your yearly goals, size of your company, and more.

It can be overwhelming, we know. But you’re in luck, because with the help of Kwanzoo, we’re going to help you work out exactly what you need.

CEO of Kwanzoo, Mani Iyer and CEO of MarianaIQ, Venkat Nagaswamy will be sitting down to discuss the best ways to plan your ABM budget across display, social, search and PPC. Join them, with host and moderator Kelly J Waffle, VP of Marketing for Kwanzoo, for an informative webinar on how to plan your paid media budget for next year.

We’ll talk about all the details that really make a difference, including how to choose your program types, selecting an account list size and coverage, what to look for in ABM providers and data partners, and of course, media budget planning.

Details and registration are right here, so sign up early and we’ll see you on September 21st!