Venkat Gets the Call to Provide AI for Sales Insights – Again!

by | Nov 21, 2017 | ABM, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Deep Learning

As Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be king.” Or, at least, regarded as an expert. For the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to B2B sales and marketing, especially for ABM, our resident brain trust gets consulted by bloggers and the media for their POV quite often. This time, it’s Venkat’s turn!

Article on AI for ABM SalesFor this article at, “The Intelligent Way to Prepare Your Sales Team for AI Adoption,” consultant and academic Laurence Minsky checked in with Venkat for his input on the objections some non-adopters have about AI.

Give it a read, and you’ll find it touches on a number of solid, smart practices to follow in getting your sales team comfortable with the notion of adding AI to their arsenal.

Among the most convincing arguments you can make to salespeople? Applied to lead generation, AI will not only provide a sales team with far better leads, it’ll also free them from the time and drudgery involved in researching leads in the first place. And the leads all their sweat and toil would turn up still wouldn’t be close to the quality of what Deep Learning can deliver in a fraction of the time.

Want another recent example of Venkat being called upon to share his AI-for-ABM insightfulness? Check out his podcast for Ouchsourcing!