A Better Way to Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

Mariana is a new marketing company with revolutionary ideas that get you closer to your target than ever before. How? Through deep learning, Mariana finds the right person first, then the right content, at precisely the right time. Better. Faster. That’s Mariana.

1. First, The Right Person

We use up to 50K real-time data points to form a living, 360° picture of your prospects, unlike typical single data-point leads (email, titles) which are static and faceless. You also know who the wrong person is for cleaner prospect list.

And then…

2. The Right Content


The 50K data points we use tells us what each person likes, their skills, interests, and dislikes. You know what content, blog, email, Tweet each prospect prefers.

3. The Right Channel


Another Mariana data benefit, we know where each prospect prefers content, for a seamless experience across channels, no duplication, one channel complements the other. Omnichannel automation.

4. The Right Time


Mariana processes data real-time, thousands of times a day so at any time you know when to engage. Prospects take the path of highest conversion.